Why Read: Selena Cardoza

Books are some of my favorite things to read, especially the fiction books.  Newspapers are alright and so are poems, but I like fiction books the most because they let you enter a world of imagination and creativity.  Sometimes they let you escape the troubles of life or even teach you life lessons.
Like a book I read called Gym Candy by Carl Deuker.  It’s about a boy who wants to make his dad proud so he plays football all his life, like his dad did.  He wants to win the football season so badly he starts taking steroids.  His best friend finds his needle and threatens to tell…
This book taught me a huge life lesson, I hope you find a book like that, one that inspires you like all books do for me.
Now that you’re done, are you inspired to read books?  If you’re not you have problems because this paper was awesome.
– Selena Cardoza


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