Why Read: Raquel Causey

Reading gives us brains, helps you get a good job and… *laughing*  I’m kidding!  Sure that’s what your parents would say to you because you won’t pick up a book to save your life.  So calm down this is no lecture, I’m not trying to yell at you because I used to hate it!  I mean capitalize the H in that because a few months ago my first reaction would be to push the book away.  But no more do I hate them nor lie to my LA teacher that I loved it to get on their good side.
Hey don’t give up on my story just yet!  Now, when I would see a person who reads all day my first thought would be “Loser!” but that was the worst choice ever.  Books may just look like a bunch of paper with boredom written all over the pages but it’s not!  They gave me freedom, let me escape from my problems and stay focused on the book’s plot.  Books help your mind imagine more than you can think of.
But hey don’t believe me, right?  Keep going on your day forgetting this letter by the time you get home but trust me, you’ll regret it.  Just give me a chance and pick up a book and read it, you may life it, you may not, just try it out.  Books are amazing.
– Raquel Causey


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