Why Read: Kelsey Bruce

To Whom It May Concern, Though That Number is Few,
This letter is addressed “To Whom It May Concern, Though That Number is Few” because it’s about reading.  Oh now STOP!  Don’t just put down this letter and walk away.  Hear me out, because even if you don’t think so, I have something important to say.
What is your favorite book?  Before you go, “Oh, I don’t have one,” think.  What was the first book you read?  OK, maybe you are one of those people who only read in school and because you have to.  Why is that?  Maybe you just haven’t found an author or genre – that’s a category in reading like science fiction or fantasy – that you like.  Or maybe you think you’re too busy to read.  Or maybe you think video games or TV are better.  How is all that better than sitting down with a book and reading?  Using your imagination to see in your own world?  TV kills all imagination and discourages brain function – that’s a proven fact.  Reading is a great way to exercise your brain.
Now, let’s say you’re like me and you have asthma.  Because of the breathing issues that accompany, I have little chance of ever going into space or becoming a pilot in the military.  I can still experience these things by reading accounts of people who have.  Someone who is a paraplegic can learn about the joy of dancing or someone in Arizona can experience Alaska.  Reading can take you places.  Whether it’s across the street or across the universe.  The next time you want to soar on the back of a dragon, or swim to the bottom of the deepest sea, turn to books.  You won’t be disappointed.
All right, maybe you’re one of the more practical minded people in this world and all that about adventures didn’t sway you.  Think about this then – what would the world be like today if America had never been “discovered” by Europeans?  People would have never been able to come to America without maps, captain’s logs or even modern day GPS.  Your cell phone and the internet all evolved from some form of written data, and without directions or a place to write measurements, no one could have followed Columbus to the “New World”.  Now consider this: how many things did the Greeks and Romans discover or invent that we use today?  Without written record of these discoveries, how many times would they have to be re-invented?  Not to mention all the important historical events that occurred and we can still learn about today because people wrote about the; our view of the Holocaust would be different if no one even knew Anne Frank’s story.  Or if everyone forgot about Alexander “the Great”, no one would know everything he did.  Even today, there are so many different cultures and with the written word, we can record and read about what makes them unique.
Whether you read fiction or history, science fiction or biographies, reading takes you places.  It can help you lose your problems, or share your joys.
With something to think about,
Someone who is concerned
Kelsey Bruce


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