Why Read: Keanna Barnes

Why read?  I mean, who even reads anymore?  Just go see a movie if you want to know a story!  I’m just kidding!  Personally, I believe reading is even better than seeing a movie.  First of all, it’s longer and has more details.  And second, you can “pause, stop, and play” it whenever you want!  You can just pop out a movie and a TV out of your backpack, but you can fit a book there.
After finishing Bad Apple by Laura Ruby I want to read everyday (which I do)!  Tola was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with her art teacher.  Did she know it was going to go public?  No.  Could she have stopped it?  No.  Was it her fault?  Who knows.  Maybe you will if you pick up the book and read it!  C’mon, read a book.  They leave you wanting more.  Plus, Tola’s life isn’t all that normal.  Kind of like the lives of most teens.  I recommend you read Bad Apple, let alone read!
– Keanna Barnes


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