Why Read: Hailey Bishop

Dear Students,
Why read?  Why bother to open a book, when you could go on Facebook, play sports, or hang out with friends?  The answer is simple, reading can inspire you, take you anywhere, and take you to anytime.  Reading is a way to take to the future, or even to the moon without every leaving your room.  Anne Frank can take you on an inside look to the Holocaust, while Dr. Seuss introduces you to “one fish, two fish, read fish, blue fish” and “green eggs and ham”.  Reading can take you anywhere, all you have to do is turn the page.
Authors like Dr. Seuss, Anne Frank, Mark Twain, SE Hinton, JK Rowling, and Scott Westerfield show you the world in new ways.  Everyone can enjoy reading, you just have to find the right book.
Hailey Bishop


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