Why Read: Cassandra Garcia

“Why read” is what I asked my self last year.  The truth is that I just had not found the right book for me yet. I have learned that it takes time for someone to find a book they truly and really enjoy.  For some people that happens in first grade, reading a picture book telling everyone you know that you know how to read and that you love books!!!  But you grow up to find out that as you get older the pictures go away till they completely disappear.  Also the writing gets smaller as you grow bigger.  Until last year I looked for a reason to read and didn’t know that by the end of 8th grade I would find that reason why to read.  Who to thank – the one who recommended the books.  The one who said that The Bone series [by Jeff Smith] was good.  It was – I read all nine of them.  Not only did the books change me, but if it wasn’t for that teacher they would have never changed how I feel about reading.  The one teacher who taught us about reading.
– Cassandra Garcia


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