Why Read: Ashley D. Halicki

Dear Reader,
Ha!  Ironic isn’t it?  Since I’m supposed to be convincing you to read.
So here’s the deal:  I won’t tell you that reading changed my life or saved it, because it didn’t.  However, I will tell you this:  it’s my escape, or one of them anyway.  You see, you can lose yourself in a book, and live in a whole other life for as long as you can keep your eyes on the pages.  I come from a difficult past.  One with loss and hardship never far away.  Even when I was small, and my mom had to read to me, for just while, everyone else seemed to fade away.
This year, one of my favorite things I’ve read is The Bet by Anton Chekov.  There was one line, just one, that really stuck in my mind:  “You take lies for truth, and ugliness for beauty.”  There’s so much power in that one sentence, that there’s a million different things the writer could mean or be feeling.
The Outsiders – SE Hinton, The Pact – Jodi Picoult, A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess, The Joy Luck Club – Amy Tan, and The Weight of Silence – Heather Gudenkauf, are all great books to help pass the time, to provide a distraction, or to help you forget about a bad day.  Find a book, one you enjoy, and well, this is a no-brainer, just read.  I know I can’t really tell you to do that, but I already wrote it down, so it’s staying there.
Pick up any book, from Watership Down by Richard Adams, to the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield, or even The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  A good book can take you places you never dreamed you’d go.
Ashley D. Halicki


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