Why Read: Arial Eatherton

Reading is a way to let all your feelings out and cheer up.  If you ever need an escape plan, just read.  You get caught up in exciting plots and exhilarating climaxes.  Just forget everything else, and read.  Anything from Jack London’s Call of the Wild to Twilight.  It doesn’t matter what.  Read anything you like.  What is important is that you enjoy reading.
Reading is a way to discover.  Learning isn’t just formulas and conventions, it is so much more.  Along with the normal information, you learn life lessons.  Reading a good book, letting it sink in, and reading it again, is so fun.  You catch things you didn’t find before.  Life lessons from these books can change you, even if you don’t realize.  You may have a different view on racism after reading Huckleberry Finn.  Or, you may decide you want to become an astronaut after reading a biography on Neil Armstrong.  You could change the world.  Reading could change the world.
Good luck in middle school,
Arial Eatherton


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