Why Read: Areyanna Gardiner

Dear seventh graders [and other students],
I completely understand that no one can make you read, but I would be doing you disservice if I didn’t describe to you the benefits of reading.
Reading a book is like reading the script of a movie, but you get to pick the actors!  You decide whether the “petite brunette” in your book is played by Sandra Bullock or you best friend.  If you think of it this way, reading can be fun, or maybe even exciting!
Some books pull you in and make you feel as if you either are the main character, or you know them very well.  Often times, I find myself experiencing the same emotions that the characters are experiencing.  For example, the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is very emotional.  When I read it, I felt wrapped up in the emotion of it as if I were the main character’s best friend and she was sitting in front of me tell the story.  It’s written in a first-person perspective, so it helps you to really sympathize with the main character.
Reading can also help get you out of doing things you don’t want to do.  For example, if your mom is going to the grocery store and you don’t want to go, all you need to do is pick up a book and start reading.  Chances are, she won’t want to bother you and she won’t make you go with her.
Reading can also help you to connect with people whom you would otherwise never talk to.  Because of my fascination with reading and writing, I’ve been able to connect better with [my teacher] Mrs. Ocón.  Maybe reading will help you to make new friends (with your peers, or even your teachers) too.
I hope this letter has encouraged you to read more.
Areyanna Gardiner
(an older, wiser person who cares about your future)


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