Wear a Great Book

-posted by Meghan

Books aren’t just for reading… they’re for wearing.  And since now is the time to start stocking up on Christmas gifts, here are a few ideas (beyond books) for some literary gifts for the kids (and even adults) on your list.

Wear a book to bed:

Ok,  I’m the Mom that balks at the $25 Gap pjs.  I won’t even pay full price for Old Navy jams – I wait for them to go on sale.  There are things I willingly spend way too much money on- but not pajamas.  I mean, no one sees them!  They’re just for keeping the kids warm.  And then I found these:

The pajamas sets called “Books to Bed” are ADORABLE.  They come with a favorite book, and the illustrations are right out of the books.  My favorites are the How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight or the Corduroy jams.  But they also come in Pinkalicious, Cinderella, Good Boy Fergus, Dumpy the Dumptruck and more.  They are not cheap, but they are pretty adorable…

Our family has a tradition of giving a new pair of pajamas to every member of the family on Christmas Eve, and these just may be the ones that the twins get this year.


Wear a book to school:

For day-time fashions, there are these awesome t-shirts that are based on the cover art for out-of-print book editions.  They are made for and sold exclusively at www.outofprintclothing.com.

Luckily, these are made for adults as well as kids.  This Nancy Drew shirt is at the top of my wish-list this year!




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