An Awesome Book of Thanks!

-posted by Meghan

I grew up in New England, the land of the Pilgrim and Indian story.  I’ve spent Thanksgiving at Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation, for goodness sake!  But by the time you reach a more enlightened adulthood (with a little help from Howard Zinn and some wonderful teachers) you tend to find the tales from your childhood:

A.  More than a little racist

B. More than a little un-PC

C. More than a little embarrassing

D.  Not the kinds of story you want to perpetuate with your own kids

E.  All of the above.

I’m guessing you know what I pick.  That said, it is a pretty great tradition to have a day where we all take the time to be with family, eat a lot, and talk about what we are thankful for.

Luckily, we found a fantastic new book that talks about being thankful –  minus the racism or the Hallmark  schmaltz.  It’s called An Awesome Book of Thanks! by Dallas Clayton.

It’s got everything – a great message, super-cool illustrations, and an amazing back story.  This is the second book from this author, and he’s getting lots of press because his first book was self-published and got enough attention to get his second book (this one) really published.  It’s a perfect book to read aloud in the classroom or at the dinner table, and to talk about all the things there are in the world to be thankful for.

Like books! (This is one of my favorite pages!)

Or like the fact that this book is available online – the whole thing, for free.  So even if you don’t have time to order it online or run out to your local and independent bookstore and buy it, you can still read it for Thanksgiving.


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