Countdown to Halloween

-posted by Meghan

In our family, having an advent calendar is a huge Christmas tradition.  It’s exciting to get a new one every year (my Mom still sends me one, and I still get excited to open the package and see which one she picked out for me – though it’s my kids who open a window every day).  And a fun way to build anticipation for the holiday.

Last year we discovered a great way to count down the 13 days of Halloween with this book: The Thirteen Days of Halloween.  Kids love singing along and the funny illustrations.  If you haven’t seen this book, and you have (or teach) kids under 10, please check out our review of it from last year.  You won’t be sorry.

And this year we discovered a way for everyone to count down the whole month leading up to Halloween:

The Halloween Countdown Calendar by john Littleboy.   It’s a gorgeously creepy and spooky artwork with a story that unfolds behind the windows.  Everyone loves the art, and little kids love to open a window a day, while older kids (and adults!) appreciate the story…

29 days and counting.

Happy Halloween!!!


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