ABC Update

When we write a list, we really try and research books of that genre/category.  We put our favorites on the list to be sure, but we ask everyone we know for recommendations, scour online reviews and recommendations and hit the local bookstores and libraries.  But you still only come in contact with a finite number or books, and of those, can only put so many (we shoot for about 10 per list, so as not to overwhelm) on a list.  Then, every once and a while, you happen across a book that just has to be added to the list.  Recently, that happened with an ABC book.  And here it is:

Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

This alphabet book is another of the ones that delights parents as well as kids, and while pre-schoolers love it, older kids who are quite familiar with the ins and outs of the alphabet adore it as well.  On the surface, it’s a cute alphabet book that makes an animal for each letter, composed of that letter.  But on deeper inspection, there’s more.  It’s also a love letter to fonts and typography – showing how a simple font choice can inform how we feel about the words presented.  (A bat made up of gothic b’s makes you think that the bat will turn into a vampire, elongated g’s emphasize the giraffe’s height…).  It’s an interesting introduction to both the alphabet, and to the notion that not only can words make art in the form of books, sometimes the words themselves are art.

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