Yes Day!

-posted by Meghan

I love it when we get inspired to do something from a book.

Usually it’s the other way around- we’re planning something (a trip to the zoo, seeing fireworks, starting school – I’ll be writing about our favorite new/back to school books soon!) and I’ll seek out books to get the kids ready and excited for what we’re going to see.  Or we see something (bagpipe players, the circus) and then get books about it.  But I think it’s really cool when we read a book and they love it so much they ask to do it.  I think before now the only time it happens is cooking – we read food books and then cook things.  Probably because I love to cook.  And while I love to say “Yes”, I don’t in practice say it as often as I (or the kids) would like.  Which is all to explain how we came to have a Yes Day.  And why my trepidation turned to delight once it was executed.  So I thought I’d share our experience, ask if you’ve been inspired by books, and cautiously recommend trying your own Yes Day.

So we read this book a while ago, called Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (if we’ve mentioned her here before, it’s because we’re huge fans of loads of her other books, like Duck! Rabbit!, Spoon, Little Pea and others…). It’s about how parents say “No” to everything all the time, and once a year the little boy gets a Yes Day where his parents say “Yes!” to everything.  And the kids thought it sounded like a great idea.  So we told the kids we would have Yes Day for their half birthday, which was a few weeks ago.  And we did.  As the day got closer, we got worried.  But we prepared the kids: we wouldn’t say yes to anything that would hurt them (like only eating candy or not having to hold our hands to cross the street).  I also started planting ideas in their heads by saying, “If you said, ‘Mommy, can I have sushi for lunch’ what would I have to say?” and they would say “YES!” and giggle.  So I kind of planned out the day in advance, and prepped them with fun ideas that I knew they’d like, but that kept them thinking in tune with things I actually would say yes to.  And you know what?  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Yes, it was mainly about eating things we don’t usually eat (and certainly not all in one day!) but it was really nice to let them feel so in control for a day, and fun to revisit the book after we had our own Yes Day.  And very fun to watch those little minds working when I now say “No” to something, and they follow up with, “Mommy, can we have another Yes Day?”


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