A couple of lovely books

-posted by Meghan

Whether it’s the kids starting preschool in the fall, or how fast they seem to be growing, for some reason I’m seeing the days that they let me snuggle them all day and have them be only mine slip away.  I know I’m raising awesome little people that I’m a little excited to share with the world, but a little (ok, BIG) Mom piece of me treasures very selfishly our years when I’m the center of the universe.  So somehow, fate has dumped on my emotional lap a couple of books about love that have me weepy.  But in a good way.  And I wanted to share them now… though since they’re great books, you can bet they’ll also be showing up on some appropriate lists in the upcoming months…  meanwhile, get ready to send your babies back to school, and have a good cry with me.


The Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas

The Robot had a broken heart.  It could not be fixed and he was left all alone on the junk heap to rust.  Then one day, a bluebird seeks refuge from the cold where his heart used to be.  He can feel the wings flutter, and it feels like his heart beating again.  He takes her south so that she can survive, though he rusts for good with the journey.  Yes, it’s as obvious and heavy handed as it sounds.  It’s also sweet and beautifully illustrated and just makes you want to hug your favorite people and cry a little. (And maybe kiss them a thousand times and shout- “You feel like my heartbeat, did you know that?” while they humor you with a quick kiss and wriggle away…)

Daddy Island by Philip Wells, illustrated by Niki Daly

A little boy imagines what he can be (anything) while on the safety that is the island of his daddy.   It’s another of those books that I had initially picked out thinking that my husband would enjoy it more than the kids, but they loved it.  I don’t know if they reacted to the whimsical and colorful pictures, but I think the poetry of the text resonated as well:

I am a storm on Daddy Island.
I can shout very very loud.
Louder than the rackle of a thundercloud!
I am very angry and wild and proud.
I am a storm and I’m louder than loud!

It’s a great Daddy-child read-aloud that both will love, though perhaps not as much as the listening and watching Mom.


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