Andrew Recommends THE BONE SERIES

Andrew, a 4th Grader from Portland, OR recommends. . .

The Bone series by Jeff Smith

I like the Bone series because it’s really funny.  The Bone people are cousins.  They are always fighting with each other in really funny ways.  Some of the people in here aren’t really smart and they do really funny things.  Like they try to jump to a branch on a cliff to escape from the rat creatures and the rat creatures aren’t that smart, so the branch breaks and you’ll have to read more to find out what happens next.

It all starts out when the Bone cousins were chased out from Boneville and now they are stranded in the desert.  They get separated and the character Fonebone finds his way to a human girl and her grandmother and lives there.  The Bone people all meet back up though.  The Bone people are always getting chased by the rat creatures.  Sometimes they get captured but they always escape.

There are 9 books in the series plus an extra one about the land before everyone was there.  The books are done in full color.  I had to read more than the first one because once you read them you just can’t stop.  You just have to find out what’s next.  It is kind of violent though.  It shows some blood when the bone people get smashed.  Some of the humans in the story die but it’s all silly.  It’s a good series for kids maybe 8 years or older.



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