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The Pyramid of Souls, Book 2 of The Magickeeper Series by Erika Kirov

It’s a difficult task to establish a new world that makes sense internally, with rules and boundaries around the fantastic elements–especially for younger adolescents in the tween range.  Author Erika Kirov succeeds in creating that world for readers, expanding on the premise she established in the first book to take her readers deeper into the intrigue and adventures of this magical family in this second book of the series.

In Book 2, Nick is living with his eccentric family of Magickeepers, learning the extent of his powers and training in an exotic casino in contemporary Las Vegas.  But his family is in danger of having their souls captured in an ancient relic:  The Pyramid of Souls, and Nick must use his Gazer powers to look into the past to guide him in his present adventure.

I love the way Kirov draws in historical figures like Edgar Allen Poe, Rasputin, and Princess Anastasia as part of the tale.  The plot is intricate and well-paced, keeping readers in suspense.  I put it high on my list of recommended middle school adventures. (Well-suited for a family or  class readaloud book!)


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