Free Comic Book Day is Coming!!!: May 1st!!!

-posted by guest Blogger Mary Ventura

Grab your pens and mark Saturday May 1st on your calendars!  Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner and in my family it’s a day worthy of noting right on our kitchen calendar.

The comic book world has grown and changed to meet the desires of its fans, as well as to attract the rest of us.  Free Comic Book Day is celebrated internationally on the first Saturday in May at participating sellers.  Find your local participating shop by visiting the website:  Just in case you already have plans that day that don’t include the comic shop, try stopping in some other time and ask if they have any leftovers, last year our shop still had a few even a couple weeks after the big day.

I admit I’m not the most well-read comic lover out there, but I will say that I enjoy sitting down with a graphic novel just as much as a typical novel.  If you haven’t checked out the comic book scene in a while, you might be pleasantly surprised that it’s not all muscle-bound superheroes and disproportionately drawn women.

There are some real gems to be found even for the youngest audiences so don’t let age deter you and your family from enjoying such a great day of the year.  Here are some great new finds to get you started:

The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer (Owly (Graphic Novels)) (v. 1)The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer (Owly (Graphic Novels)) (v. 1)Owlyby Andy Runton

Owly is a sweet series following a little owl named Owly who is full of emotions and persistence.  The illustrations are in black and white with relatively few words throughout the comic so it’s truly a story told in pictures and enhanced with a sentence or two throughout the story.  I would recommend it even as a read-aloud for the youngest audiences because the stories are sweet and the illustrations are easy to follow.


Johnny Boo Book 1: The Best Little Ghost In The World (Bk. 1)Johnny Boo Book 1: The Best Little Ghost In The World (Bk. 1)Johnny Boo by James Kochalka

“The Best Little Ghost In The World!” is also possibly the cutest.  The Johnny Boo series follows a little ghost named Johnny Boo and his pet ghost named Squiggle.  They both have special powers to help them out of tough predicaments, Johnny has special “BOO Power” and Squiggle boasts “Squiggle Power!”  This series is illustrated in full color.  The stories are cute and even thoughtful though very silly as well, which also seems to describe most kids I know.  The youngest book lovers will love this series.


The Obama Story: The Boy With the Biggest Dream! (Great Heroes)The Obama Story: The Boy With the Biggest Dream! (Great Heroes)The Obama Story by T.S. Lee

This is a graphic novel geared towards an audience of 8-years-old and up.  It tells the story of President Barack Obama and his life growing up between cultures in Hawaii and Indonesia, and follows him all the way to college and on to The White House.  It’s a story that deals with some complex emotions regarding a split and multi-generational family, racism, as well as bullies and even drugs.  It’s full color and at the end of each chapter there is a page highlighting a different person who has influenced President Obama.  Very much a story about building character and making tough choices.

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