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April is National Poetry Month, and what could be a better way to celebrate than with Kenn Nesbitt’s new collection The Tight Whitey Spider. . .And More Wacky Animal Poems I Totally Made Up.

Nesbitt’s poems are funny and have a well, wacky off-beat kind of humor that really connects with kids (and their teachers and parents, I might add).  Lots of wordplay, clever rhyming, and sophisticated vocabulary fill this newest collection.  One of my favorite poems is “My Chicken’s on the Internet.”  This is some contemporary chick(!) as these excerpts show:

She write blogs for chickens

and she uploads chicken pics.

She visits chicken chat rooms

where she clucks about her chicks.

But not only is his pet chicken using his computer all the time; she’s ruining it:

I wouldn’t mind so much

except my keyboard’s now a wreck.

She hasn’t learned to type yet;

she can only hunt and peck.

Check out this great collection of animal poetry to share with the kids in your life.  And if you like this book, you’ll also enjoy Nesbitt’s other collections of funny poetry.  His website Poetry 4Kids is another wonderful resource–and you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s the most popular children’s poetry website on the Internet.



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