Book Flights & Book Pairings

Bookgroups, classroom readings, read-alouds, book clubs- these are all wonderful ways to share the reading experience with friends, family and peers.  However, sometimes it would be nice to read a book about the same topic, but perhaps with everyone reading a book geared toward their own age or “just right” book.  It gives parents and children or teachers and students a shared learning experience, but lets everyone bring something different to a discussion of “what I’m reading.”

With this is mind, we’ve come up with some Book Pairings (one adult book and one kid book about the same topic, or by the same author) and Book Flights (something for everyone at different reading ages, including a read-aloud for the whole family or classroom, about the same topic).  Enjoy!

Book Flights


HAMILTON: Books for the Whole Family: A Flight

MAGIC!: A Flight

Hedgehogs: A Flight

Snow White: A Flight

Steampunk:  A Flight

Rapunzel and Other Maidens in Towers

Celebrating Josephine Baker


On Best Friends

Little Red Riding Hoods


Fiction for all ages to honor Bicycle Month

Celebrating Creativity:  A Flight of Biographies





Charles Darwin

Go Inside a Book

People Who Made a Difference

The Night Sky



The Beach

Ancient Egypt

The Amelia Bloomer Project

*Book Pairings

Nellie Bly:  One for You and One for Me

Audrey Hepburn:  One for You and One for Me

New Mystery Series: One for You and One for Me

One for You and One for Me: The Quiet Power of Introverts

One for You and One for Me: AN AMBUSH OF TIGERS

The Octopus: One for You and One for Me

Zorro:  One for Me and One for You

Albert Einstein

Name Your Car Day:  October 2nd

Wonder Woman:  One for You and One for Me

Jane Goodall’s Birthday, April 3rd:  A Book Pairing

Elephant Appreciation Day:  A Book Pairing

Harper Lee’s Birthday, April 28th:  A Book Pairing

National Read a Roadmap Day, April 5th:  A Book Pairing

Listen to the Wind & Three Cups of Tea

All in a Day & Collect Raindrops

3 Responses to Book Flights & Book Pairings

  1. imnotreallyawriter says:

    I was wondering if you would consider doing a Day at the Zoo book flight? Trere is a fantastic picture book called Life-Size Zoo in particular that I think readers (and their parents) would LOVE. The book has been so popular there is now a second one out. It features photos up-clos of animals and includes a few fold-out panels too. Amazon does a better job of describing it. Maybe in your flight you could end with something like Life of Pi or The Zookeepers Wife (maybe those are too dark, but I think there’s a wealth of material out there).

  2. imnotreallyawriter says:

    Why, oh why don’t I proofread my comments before I send them? Please ignore my typos in the comment above. How embarrassing…

  3. ruthlit says:

    Such a great idea! Maybe a fall book flight?

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