More Horrid Henry stories, written by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross

For those of you who enjoyed the first set of Horrid Henry books to cross the Atlantic as much as we did, good news! Two new books, each with four off-beat and entertaining stories, have arrived for fans in the United States.

HH-UnderpantsHorrid Henry is—well, as horrid as ever. But in Horrid Henry’s Underpants, he no longer triumphs in each story. Some of his tricks actually rebound to affect him. Like when he tricks his parents into taking him to his favorite junk food restaurant as a reward for eating vegetables all week. His newly acquired “love of vegetables” (they disappear from his plate through various clever tricks) backfires when the restaurant has been converted to a vegetarian delight—and he can’t complain, because he has been loudly proclaiming how much he now prefers veggies. And when his Great-Aunt-Greta, who is sure his name is Henrietta, sends him girl’s lacy underpants for his birthday, his attempts to foist them off on Perfect Peter fail.

HH-Scary-SitterDon’t worry, though, he still has his share of perfectly horrid victories. My favorite story comes from Horrid Henry and the Scary Sitter. Tony Ross’s illustrations paint this teen-age babysitter as ghoulishly malicious. Henry describes her as “the biggest, meanest, nastiest-looking girl” he had ever seen: “Her arms were enormous. Her head was enormous. She looked like she ate elephants for breakfast.” You’ll find yourself rooting for him in this one. Just when you think she’s beaten him, our intrepid horrid hero rebounds

We recommend the latest additions to the Horrid Henry series. Readers are reunited with the whole cast of characters from the earlier books: Moody Margaret, Miss Battleaxe, Rotten Ralph, and of course, Henry’s little brother, Perfect Peter.

Just in time for Halloween! Win a free copy of Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse! Just be the first to send us a recommendation of any book you love, and we’ll send this new Horrid Henry book to you.


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