More Library Love!

We can’t stop finding books we love about libraries!  Here are two great additions to our earlier list of books that celebrate the library: Library Love.

batsBats at the Library by Brian Lies

Someone left the window open in the library! That’s all the bat friends (who many of us met in Bats at the Beach) need to discover to make it Bat Night at the library! These book-loving bats delight in the many wonders of the public library, from playing at the computer to making duplicates of themselves on the copy machine. But of course, the best part is exploring the books, with fairy tale pop-ups, information books, and a parade of characters from “the classics” that they read to each other. Readers in the know will spot images from Make Way for Ducklings, replaced with tiny bats crossing the Boston street, or a Bat-Aladdin conjuring a Bat-Genie from a magic lamp. Three little bats in the corner read a familiar ( sort of) board book together: Goodnight Sun! The detailed pictures and references to a number of books invite repeated readings, and the lilting rhyming text makes it fun for even the youngest readers. If this tribute to classic children’s literature whets your appetite, you might want to check out our classic book lists:

Building a Classic Library

Building Your Classic Library for Nursery and Pre-school Children

Classic Read-to-Me Books for Early Readers

I Can Read Myself: Classics


EdwardEdward and the Pirates by David McPhail

Edward is a passionate reader who devours whatever book is in front of him, from seed catalogues to cereal boxes, to the books he discovers at his favorite place, the library. He gets so involved in his books that whatever he is reading seems to become real. When he checks out a book on lost pirate treasure, the pirate characters come to life at night in his home, demanding the book from him so they can find their buried treasure. Though he won’t give it up to them ( after all, it’s checked out on his library card!), he does agree to read the story aloud to them. Very dramatic illustrations add to the adventurous spirit of the book. Kids love pirate stories, and this one is sure to please. And here’s a list with more pirate books for your young buccaneer’s reading pleasure: Pirate Books for Little Matey’s.



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