Get Interactive: Images and Designs, Cookie Cutters and Coloring Pages

-posted by Ruth

Jacob loves drums and music of all kinds, so I search out books to match that passion. Molly is slightly obsessed with flamingos (see On Flamingos and Other Book-Lover Obsessions).  It’s fun to follow up on sharing these books with a range of creative projects, from cooking to quilting to coloring.

Upfront confession: I have a bias against coloring books. I’d rather children were free to create their own drawings and scribbles, and certainly not feel restricted to carefully “staying within the lines.” But the multitude of coloring pages on the web are a great resource for simple quilt or cake designs, cookie cutters—or personalized coloring books suited to your child’s interests. (Just promise me you’ll let them scribble on both sides of the outlines, and use whatever colors they want!)

Flamingo2I love the Birdorable blog which boasts “the cutest birds on the wing.” I downloaded their simple Greater Flamingo free coloring page and used it to make a pattern for a simple quilt square (shown on the right) that I sewed onto a canvas bag.

Color Me Good also had some clear and realistic flamingo coloring pages, perfect to copy for designs or to print out and color.

Cookie Cutters for Animal Lover has simple outline shapes of a range of critters. It can give you ideas, or an inexpensive gift idea to go with a favorite book topic.

My best advice is to just Google your child’s obsession, adding “coloring pages.” For example, a search for “cars and trucks coloring pages” will give you these great resources:

Cars and Trucks printable coloring page

Cars coloring page

Free Truck Coloring Pages

On our latest visit with the children, we had fun presenting them with their personalized “coloring books” to match the themes of their new books. And I’m planning on a truck pillow for my next special gift for Jacob. Let us know what coloring pages, designs, and projects you discover as you interact with the books your child loves.


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