Jessica Recommends WHO AM I WITHOUT HIM?

Sixth grader Jessica from Portland, OR recommends. . .

Who-Am-I-Who Am I Without Him?: Short Stories About Girls and the Boys in Their Lives (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Books) by Sharon G. Flake

Who Am I Without Him by Sharon G. Flake has ten short stories. All these stories are kind of about the same thing: girls and how they deal with their relationships whether it’s with a boy or just the community around them. Some of the stories are about how the girls may get hurt, and some are about girls getting made fun of by everyone around them because of their looks.

“Girl, Didn’t I Say I Don’t Write No Letters?’ is about a girl who has to write to a boy for her class assignment. But she hates writing letters back and forth. She is always writing by herself, because all he ever says is that he’s got to go do work from other classes. She gets marked down because they are not turning in the letters. The teacher decides to step in.

See what happens when the teacher steps in when you read the book: Who Am I Without Him !

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