Super Capes for Superheroes!

Posted by Ruth

SHC-MJReading the picture books about superheroes (Books for Caped Crusaders) leads naturally to creative and imaginative play. Our dynamic duo has fun donning their capes and invoking their super powers. With the help of their trusty teddy, plush cow ( Moomah!) or Super Grover doll, they embark on many great adventures!SHC-MooMah

To make a cape of your own, check out Kate at her blog KC Quilts, where she has posted very easy-to-follow directions: Tutorial: Super Cape! She made hers for her son Simon (as part of his costume collection) out of an old sheet. I made the twins’ capes out of inexpensive cotton material in their favorite colors. Because Molly and Jacob are slightly obsessed with the letters that begin their names, I added those as well. It’s easy to adapt the directions to make little capes for dolls and stuffed animals, too, so your kids can have a whole family of caped crusaders to play with!Super-Cape-Banner



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