Jessica Recommends HUGGING THE ROCK

Sixth grader Jessica from Portland, OR recommends. . .

Hugging-the-RockI recommend Hugging the Rock by Susan Taylor Brown. It is about a girl named Rachel whose mother is leaving her with her father– and she doesn’t really like her dad. When her mother leaves, she tells Rachel, “ Your father is a rock–the good kind you can always count on no matter what.”

She finds out her father is more of a rock than her mother.

One day, her mother calls and says ” Is your father there?”
Rachael says, “NO!”
Her mom replies, “When he gets home, will you ask him when he is going to send the money?”
“What money?”
“The money for calling you!” her mother tells her

From that day on Rachel NEVER wanted to talk to her mom again.




2 Responses to Jessica Recommends HUGGING THE ROCK

  1. queenjessie11 says:

    hey good book

  2. Meghan says:

    Thanks for writing a review! You really picked a part of the book to tell about that made me want to read the book right away.

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