Michelle Recommends STAR IN THE STORM

Sixth grader Michelle from Portland, OR recommends. . .

Star-in-the-StormStar in the Storm by Joan Hiatt Harlow

If you have a passion for animals or mostly dogs, then you should read the book Star in the Storm, written by Joan Hiatt Harlow. It is about a girl named Maggie and her Newfoundland dog, Sirius. Maggie, Sirius, and a friend named Vera go to visit her cousin who lives at the Rand House. Howard Rand (the father of the family) is the richest man in Bonnie Bay. When they walk up a cliff (called the quidnuck), Maggie’s cousin Tamar Rand is outside with the family’s herd of sheep. As the three ( Maggie, Vera, and Sirius) approach Witch’s Rock they are startled by a fierce growl. A sheep races from the bushes and is followed by two unidentified dogs. The sheep falls off the cliff and into the cold water. Sirius stops at the edge of this cliff. . .. then jumps over the edge. When Sirius reaches the sheep it is too late, the sheep had died from the fall. The Rands are angry and blame Sirius. When they ban the non-sheepherding dogs from Rocky Coastal Village, Maggie will not let Sirius go, so she hides him.

A few weeks pass and an arriving ship has crashed into some rocks. The ship is slowly sinking. Maggie and her mother know who can save all the passengers and ship. It is up to Maggie to decide whether or not to take this life-threatening risk. Find out what happens in the mind thrilling book Star in the Storm.

Thank you for reading my recommendation. I’d love to hear your comments.



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