Fifth-grader Alysa from Portland, OR  recommends. . .

each-little-birdEach Little Bird that Sings by Deborah Wiles.
“Let him go” I shouted. Peach clung to Dismay’s collar. Water lapped at his lips. “Let him go Peach!” I screamed. The water reached Peach’s nose. He squeezed his eyes shut. I reached for Dismay’s collar. I pried Peach’s fingers as his head went under water. And then I did it. I let my dog go.

It’s hard to summarize this book that had so much going on and so many cliff -hanging sentences. Comfort, the girl in the story, is grieving for her aunt who recently died. Her annoying cousin Peach is coming to the funeral. Last time Peach came to a funeral he wailed and screamed and threw up in a flowerpot. Not only does Comfort have the problem of Peach but also of her best friend, Declaration. Up until now, Declaration has always been Comfort’s best friend. Will Comfort end up solving the problem of Peach? Will she ever be friends with Declaration again? And how will her loving dog Dismay help in this? Read the book to find out.
stars I give this book 5 stars because every line was a cliff-hanger and it just pulled me in and I felt like I was the girl Comfort. I think this book was excellent and defiantly recommend it.

Gravestone Project
I made a gravestone for Dismay, Comfort’s dog who drowns during the flood. I thought it was important to make a gravestone for Dismay because in the book they don’t. I think Dismay was very important to the book and that if the author hadn’t have added him in there would have been something missing from the story.



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  1. jcausey123 says:

    I am a 4th grade teacher, and I love the author Deborah Wiles. The first book I ever read of hers was LoveRuby Lavender. Still to this day that is my favorite book. I tried reading this book, Each Little Bird that Sings. I could not finish it because it became too sad for me in the middle. What I read was sooo great. It kept my attention the entire time. I just love Deborah’s characters. If you liked Each Little Bird that Sings, you will enjoy Love Ruby Lavender

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