A World of Alphabet Blocks

Posted by Ruth

Alphabet books have consumed our attention and interest lately. What could be more fun to extend A-B-C books thanmjblocks_52171 to play with wooden blocks that many of us remember from our own childhoods? Even before children are noticing letters and sounds in the print around them, they enjoy stacking and building wooden cubes. And as you extend the alphabet books into play with objects, the blocks can be a perfect way to have fun with letters and their associated sounds.

It’s especially exciting to bring different alphabets to your child’s life, showing them that there is literally a world of symbols for alphabet blocks. I first discovered these when I volunteered at Head Start and met children speaking a dozen different languages learning literacy in a single classroom. I sought out and ordered sets in English, Spanish, and Arabic and delighted in hearing the conversations as children compared animals and letter sounds across different alphabet systems. I originally tried to keep the sets separate, but the children soon taught me the folly of my ways and I sat back and let their play unfold.

The blocks I ordered were from il cocco di mamma. These handcrafted blocks are embossed with a choice of 8 different foreign alphabets and were a perfect size for the young hands that eagerly grasped them and delighted in building and conversation.
Of course, I couldn’t resist getting my own sets and having them on hand when little ones come to visit. They hold a place of honor on my growing shelf of Alphabet Books.


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