Posted by Ruth

On my weekly trip to the public library, I was specifically looking for alphabet books to share with my favorite young readers, Molly and Jacob, my two-year-old grandchildren. But what caught my eye was a bright cover with ducks riding tricycles through the sky. My first thought was not, “What a strange cover!” but “I’ll bet the twins would love that picture.” It reminded me of one of their favorite books, Duck on a Bike. So I picked it up and added it to my pile of library books to check out.

ducksdreamWhat Do Ducks Dream? by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Donald Saaf turned out to be a great find. In this quirky tale, readers visit Sigmund’s farm and imagine what animals’ dreams might be like. Cows dream of sailing away in boats, goats dream of apple trees, and yes, ducks dream of riding tricycles across a cloudy sky. Of course, it’s Sigmund Freud’s farm, and we see Sigmund himself, his children, including the famous Anna and a variety of pets and farm animals, all represented in whimsical collage figures and bright paintings. I loved poring over the pictures, and immersing myself in the dreamy night-time world of this book.

But would the children like it? The answer is a resounding Yes! They both loved hearing it, and revisiting it on their own. Molly loved all the animals. Especially the ducks!


It’s a terrific bed-time book, with it’s simple yet lyrical verses and the image of animals asleep-but dreaming. I’m so glad I happened to chance upon this book. What I found was more suited to my needs than what I thought I was looking for. It’s a reminder to me to be open to serendipity when I’m on the prowl for books.


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